Gaining Clarity

Gaining Clarity

Pari Passu Boutique seeks to build a community where you can connect to one another through meaningful conversations, spreading the message that we’re all in this together.

We want to be more than just retail. We also want to build a community for discussion and sharing, a social media presence to inspire conversation of ideas, and overall create a revolution of thought surrounding all things self love, self care and of course exploring yourself within your personal style.

Today we want to touch on the topic of clarity. With the 2020 pandemic raging on globally it can be extremely challenging to gain clarity within our thoughts when we are constantly swirled with mixed messages within our media news cycles. 

Now more than ever you might be seeking to find some sort of baseline within your life. Finding clarity within our lives not only helps us feel focused, take action and feel energised it also helps us find the calm and keeps our motivation flowing.

While being apart of author and entrepreneur Lisa Messenger's (Founder of the Collective Hub) 2020 mentee group we learnt to flip our mindset on all things confidence, self belief and dreaming big. In order to do so we needed to find clarity on our own why, our own mission, our own purpose. Here are some tips that helped us find our neutral and re-set and re-frame our thought patterns:

  1. Create a safe space.
    Carve out some space to clear the mind. This can be an hour, half and hour or a day of walking, meditating, sitting with some tea - whatever makes you feel at your most neutral. 
  2. Journal/Brainstorm.
    If you struggle with letting go the string of thoughts and fog - write about it. Write about what you would like to gain clarity on in your safe space. Give your self this time to reflect on what you are seeking clarity on. It could be your purpose, your values, your financial plan or a want to set a morning routine.  Just let your thoughts pour out.
  3. Meditate/Ponder.
    Through the journal and brainstorm method you will begin to notice reoccurring themes/questions. Mediate on these questions, ponder these thoughts and observe the answer's that come to you.
  4. Talk with Friends and Family.
    Share what you’re not sure about. What you’re fearful of, there is no shame in feeling afraid. By opening and sharing your fears and ideas and hear a trusted friend or family view, we can most of the time see it is our own limiting beliefs getting in our way. Often you can get clarity from a good conversation in trusted company.
  5. Write down that epiphany.
    When you have a little clarity or find a pearl in that epiphany moment, write it down. If you have some kind of answer, any kind of clarity at all, write it down as simply as you can. It can be as little as two to three sentences. Writing it down or typing it out on your phone can simply help you become more clear and from there you can start taking action on it.
  6. Take action.
    Sometimes it can be a simple as taking action to get clarity. Sometimes we think we need to have clarity before we take action. Have the slightest bit of direction? Go in that direction, take the first steps, see what it’s like. You will learn from doing then going back and forth on the idea of taking action.
  7. Reflect.
    As you set things in motion, it’s useful to step back every month or two to see how things are going. What have you learned? What’s getting in the way? Use what you’ve learned to get even more clarity. Write it down simply. Take action again.

Most importantly, be kind and patient with yourself during these times, it's completely normal to feel fatigued, especially in a time of constant change. 

(Image via Unsplash)