Getting Grounded with Sanct

Getting Grounded with Sanct

We’re here to serve and delight you all in the thrill of novelty, but want to craft a sustainable future. We believe in deeper conversations with the people we love and about the things that keep us up at night. 

We believe in taking a good, long look at our individual and collective actions, and how they impact ourselves and the world we live in. We were lucky to sit down with Danielle, founder and designer of Sanct Clothing who shares our values of slowing down the fashion calendar through the lens of sustainably made fashion. We talk all things slower living, self-care and inclusivity:



Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your inspiration and intention behind the latest ‘Season One’ Collection?

Sure! My name is Danielle, I live in the East Melbourne area on Wurundjeri Country. 

I’ve been sewing since I was about 10 years old. I received my first sewing machine from my Great Grandma Myrtle. My Mama taught me some basics and otherwise I learned from my own trial and error (mostly error).  

 My inspiration for Sanct came about after working in the fashion industry for a few years. I became fatigued with the lack of real tangible effort towards sustainability. I decided to create Sanct with the intention of crafting clothing with sustainability and ethical best practices front of mind. 

 For me this meant launching with a large size range of 8-22 with plans to expand this further as a real priority, using only natural fabrics sourced from organic or deadstock sources and considering all trims for biodegradability. Additionally, Sanct is committed to remaining Australian made. 

 What is your favourite Sanct Piece in this Collection?

My favourite piece would probably be the Gathered Waist Pant. I wear these every day because they’re so comfortable but still make me feel put together if I have to pop out of the house or have a zoom meeting. 

 With that, you make sustainability a priority within your label, can you tell us more about what that means to you? How does it inform the Sanct Aesthetic?

Sustainability to me means caring for people and the planet, doing no harm and having transparency of the entire supply chain. I think sustainability starts with accountability and the truth that having a brand/business is a huge privilege, and that privilege should be used to add value to the world not leech resources and exploit others. 

This definitely informs the Sanct aesthetic. For example, we only use 4cm wide waistbands because our biodegradable natural tree rubber elastic doesn’t come in a wider width. Likewise, we don’t have any tight garments because biodegradable stretch in fabrics are yet to be invented, so we have to think about other ways of achieving fitted garments without the use of synthetic stretch.

For Season One we have our Tie Tee which can be drawn in around the waist with ties. 

So there is a lot of compromise and designing around the sustainable materials that are available at this point in time. 

 As a small business, It obviously comes with challenges too, especially at times like these. How are you coping currently and what are some of the ways you’ve had to adapt leading up to your launch?

Well it’s been a strange time. I quit my 9-5 job to work on Sanct full time in November 2019, then 4 weeks later we are hearing of Covid-19 starting to spread worldwide and suddenly the year I had planned looked very different. 

There weren’t too many major ways this altered my plans at the beginning of Sanct. Some shipments of fabrics took longer to arrive than expected and shipping costs were much higher.

It wasn’t until Melbourne stage 4 lockdown more recently that I had to really start thinking creatively. I had shoots booked that obviously had to be cancelled and I would ideally be having fabric sourcing meetings for Winter 2021 that are on hold. 

So this has meant a pivot to zoom shoots, sending some garments to NSW or Geelong for product shots with creative agencies. I will also be looking at ordering swatch packs to do my fabric sourcing from my own home for Winder 2021.  

As a business owner, how do you slow down and implement self care in your day to day? What is your favourite go to routine that instantly grounds you back into alignment?

This one is really important for me. As a sole trader working out of my own home I have to really self motivate and I’m working in a space I also live in which can be distracting. 

So having intentional moments of self care as a routine helps me to focus when I need to. 

I love to have baths, read or have a face mask moment. However now that it’s spring, my favourite thing to do is sit in my backyard and tend to my plants/veggie patch with my lovely cat Poka in tow. Sometimes we will play or just lay in the sun together. 

You wrote an incredibly eye opening piece on fast fashion, how did you feel shining such an important light on the topic? Could you share what inspired you to speak out about it?

This was an interesting piece for me because I’ve been trying to write about this for years. In uni I wrote my final thesis on this topic. But I felt my writing has always lacked something, and the day I wrote that piece, something just clicked and I felt like I finally had the right words to explain this incredibly complicated topic. 

I had been reading and listening to a lot of podcasts on capitalism and how it relies on oppression of others to keep the wheels turning and this really informed the way I spoke about this topic. 

What is the most fulfilling aspect of what you do?

Definitely when I put myself out there and people really resonate with my values and brand message. It has been really rewarding during this time pre-launch to connect with so many amazing people on a level that isn’t just about a product or selling anything. 

Essays I have posted about fast fashion, size inclusivity etc have been read by hundreds of people and there have been so many messages that the words I’ve written have really helped people make better purchasing habits. That has been incredibly rewarding. 

Okay, one last thing before you go:

Where is your favourite place to meditate?

I love to wrap myself in a soft blanket and sit outside in my backyard. It’s just a small little patch but I have this beautiful memorial wisteria tree I planted in memory of my first pet, a bunny named Theodore. 

It’s lush and green at the moment. 

I like to sit where the sun can warm my face and meditate to the sounds of the bees and other little creatures.

Best meal you’ve cooked recently?

Hmm, I’ve been really enjoying some good vegetarian Pho recently. I use cabbage, mushrooms, home grown spring onion and make my own Pho broth. It’s so tasty and makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body. 

But I also love to bake choc chip cookies!

Lastly, what is your go to affirmation when you feel a bit stuck?

I keep a folder of screen shots of kind words people have shared with me on this journey, from strangers to inspiring messages from friends. It’s good to revisit when I need to remind myself why I love what I do.

Sanct is a label revolutionising the term ‘ethical fashion’. Shop, explore and discover more here.

Images via Sanct Clothing
Photography and Creative Direction: Rayn Jermain
Model: Marianne Roussety


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