How To Build The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe For Winter

How To Build The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe For Winter

When we think of the perfect capsule wardrobe, we usually think of French women like Françoise Hardy and Charlotte Gainsbourg. And something about today’s pervasive culture of throwaway fashion makes their purist approach to dressing feel ever so refreshing. It has always been about the finer details – the feel of a fabric, or that slight flare of a jean. And when thinking about how to build the ultimate capsule wardrobe for winter, these are the details we recommend honing in on.

As the temperature drops and the elements become a little more predictable (here in Melbourne anyway), the perfect winter capsule wardrobe is one that is cosy and makes you feel good – but, above all, it must be versatile. Because after the wildly erratic summer and autumn conditions we’ve been facing in Australia, the winter months are likely to be just as unreliable. Which is why building your winter wardrobe should also be about the art of good layering. Here are some of our tips on how to nail it and which items to invest in this winter.

1) Start with a good base

Perhaps the most critical starting point for any successful winter capsule wardrobe is building a solid base of cosy, versatile layering pieces. Streamlined turtleneck or crew neck styles seem to work a charm here, because they can be teamed with you go to pair of jeans -  but also layered simply underneath all manner of dresses. The fibre choice is key too, because if you opt for something with a lot of warmth like merino, then you can ensure maximum cosy vibes without feeling like a the Michelin man.  

2) Choose a dress that is wintry yet versatile

We all love a slip dress, no matter what the season, which is why we are all about carrying yours through to the winter months. But let’s face it, sometimes you need something which packs a little more warmth. Which is where Baum Und Pferdgarten have you covered. Layer the Ashaki Dress with a winter woolley knit and pari back with your winter combat boots - suffice to say it is just perfect when layered over merino knits and cosy turtlenecks.

3) Introduce a pop of colour

When in Melbourne we can all be for the colour black when it comes to our wardrobe, but even we have to admit that nothing brightens up a dreary winter’s day quite like a pop of colour. Baum Und Pferdgarten Jodiana Top in Ink Petite Fleur  is great here, because it comes in muted blues. You do you when it comes to the hue, but in our humble opinion, the brighter the better for winter.

4) Invest in a great jacket

Few pieces are quite so critical in the winter months as a great jacket to complete your layering looks. It is important to go for quality here, too, because this is ultimately the item that’s going to protect you from the elements. It is equally important to make this choice with respect to your personal lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, for example, down jacket might be our go-to. But for Pari Passu Boutique -  personally, it is a coat constructed from a super cosy fibre like wool.   

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