At Pari Passu Boutique we aim to nourish your wardrobe with honest and considered luxury all the while promoting the longevity of quality design craftsmanship for a more sustainable future within our industry.

 As a small business striving to empower and follow through with change in the industry, we have moved away from marking our clothing down to steep sales.
 Through the 2020 pandemic we saw a juxtaposition with our ethos with the constant demand to offer discounts and sales up to 80%. We realised in order to support our curated designers we need to hold true to their designs that are timeless and made to last. Heavily discounting to less than the item was originally made seemed very wrong to us as a striving ethical company, as well as the designers we lovingly represent.

We are excited to contribute to the moving away of seasonal fashion and aim to be leaders in focusing on timeless slow fashion pieces.
Pari Passu Boutique aim to keep it’s offering fresh with introducing you with garments that have timeless and season to season appeal, reducing the desire to shift to fast fashion and calling a garment obsolete when it is no longer on trend within a season.

We believe that less is more. We believe that cost should correlate to quality and longevity and we stand by the costs reflected in our prices due to craftsmanship, innovative materials and sustainable design ethics.

If you ever have an issue with an item purchased with Pari Passu Boutique we will happily work with you on a repair or replacement.